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I always find TT!Roxas stories fancinating, as Square-Enix really didn't get into the WTFness of it all and right as Roxas begins to grasp it, he gets incorporated into Sora. This hit the spot wonderfully, how Roxas was himself for a little while, then mellowed out in order to cope. You modified the plotline nicely too, since most just have Roxas say okay to Axel during the Stuggle scene (I don't think Roxas would go along with one mysterious man over the other, that's why he called for his friends, he couldn't decide - your way is much more believable).

I have a special softspot for quotes, especially Kingdom Hearts quotes, they just have this certain beauty and essence to them especially when they connect you to the larger game-canon. I love it~

Overall, this was a very enjoyable chapter! And don't let me somehow fool you into thinking I'm a total English nerd, the fire symbolism and this overall feeling of warmth and comfort I felt from Axel/Roxas made me very fannishly excited :D

I agree with you completely. There was an entire story to be explored with Roxas in the insanity and the general mind-fuckery that was Twilight Town; a story that could have had a much more enjoyable ending that didn't include both Axel and Roxas all but vanishing from the game. Haha, I almost fell into the trap of letting Roxas just run off with Axel during the Struggle tournament, but I wised up and was like "God, woman, don't be stupid." XD I wanted it to be more dramatic, I guess.
(Haha! One mysterious man over the other, indeed! What a sketchy situation that would be. Either way, it'd feel like he was bound to get raped... XD )

Oh, I love the Kingdom Hearts quotes, too! 8D It's probably why they keep showing up... They are all so very deep and thoughtful, and they all seem to be applicable to everyday life. There really should be a formal compilation of them. It's a real bitch having to scroll through the script trying to find the one that's "just right" for the scene.

XD The fire symbolism... Geez, I felt so corny putting that in, but it's nice to see that you guys appreciate it! (And don't worry about the fannish fits of insanity, my dear. We all must go through them XD )

Thank you so much for your review, and I'm so happy that you're enjoying the story thus far!
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I realized as I made the comment to that I could have commented on LJ and gotten a response, so I'm surprised that you went to the trouble of looking me up and replying! Thank you! :D

Yaaay, I'm not the only one who thought Square dropped Roxas and Axel until forever! I don't understand how Roxas can be this big pile of teenage angst (regular hormones on top of "By the way, you're not real LOL but don't worry, if you die it'll be okay!"), incorporate into Sora, and be completely happy at the end simply being a part of Sora and getting smile at Naminé all the tiem, y'know? (I hadn't thought about it until then but it was really just two unknown, strange guys yelling for Roxas not to listen to the other one and come with him -- HMMMM interesting XD)

I, uh, have the KHII game script bookmarked so I can use it for some of my icon quotes. >___> I want it in book form, they are so BEAUTIFUL *___* I need to go bookmark the KHI script, I don't know why I haven't yet~


My first review was the first one I've written in forever that hadn't consisted of "THAT WAS PRETTY AWESOME :D ♥" or "LOL LIKED" (although the second one's an injoke with [ profile] chiiaroscuro so..?), so I feel like I've deceived you, especially now that you've seen my LJ and how retarded I am half the time XD OH WELL :3

I will try to keep reviewing, I am pretty infrequent but it's a bad habit so~ I'm looking forward to chapter 3!


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